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1 Portal (15% OFF)2 Portals (25% OFF)3 Portals (45% OFF)
1 Portal (25% OFF)2 Portals (30% OFF)3 Portals (45% OFF)
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The Portal is hand-crafted from native North American hardwoods, cast acrylic and minimal electronics. Illuminated by 144 individually addressable LEDs, this next-gen lamp can produce millions of colors and a multitude of animations at the tap of a screen. Soft, swirling hues emanate from both the front and the back of the Portal, providing a new way of interacting with light.


The Portal is designed as a fully repairable, upgradable, and hackable heirloom that will stand the test of time. The lighting element is easy to replace, and easy to purchase. The APA102-C LEDs are rated by the manufacturer to provide beautiful, colorful light for up to 20,000 hours - over two years, if used nonstop. We have several units that have been running continuously for over 4 months.

Portals run on the state of the art ATOM M5 Lite hardware, the incredible ESP32 platform that is Wifi and Bluetooth enabled. With 4MB of onboard flash memory there’s space for many patterns. The acrylic sheet is made in America, durable, scratch resistant, and 17x more impact resistant than glass diffusers.

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Each portal comes with 10 rich, dynamic interactive light patterns as well as the ability to display any color or pattern at any brightness level, from almost-hard-to-look-at bright to night-light dim. 

Portals are controlled from Android or iOS devices. Our software is open source, and in addition to the interactive patterns that come pre-programmed from our shop, anyone can design, share and tweak lighting patterns via Soulmate’s web based IDE.

We at Alchemica are committed to building our products responsibly, ethically, and regeneratively. Here is what we're doing to close the loops and give back for each Portal we sell:

  • Carbon offsets for all of the materials and electronics during their complete lifecycle
  • Planting 3 trees to ensure that at least 1 tree reaches maturity
  • Purchasing a plastic removal credit for 2.2lbs of plastic
  • Source our materials from local lumber & plastics suppliers
  • Recycling our acrylic & plastic waste, and composting of our wood waste

Each portal comes with a plexiglass stand, hardware, and high-strength nylon line so that you can hang your Portal wherever you like.

Portals are powered by a 10 foot long USB 2.0A to USB-C cable and comes with a wall adapter. Portals will run off of any 5 volt USB power source and will run for about 4 hours at full brightness with a 5000mah battery. 

Frame material: Native North-American hardwood
Diffusers: Cast acrylic sheet
Computer: Atom M5 Lite (ESP32)
Lighting element: APA102-C
Weight: 4.4 lbs
Dimensions: 19.25 in. x 16.5 in. x 1.75 in.
Powered by: 5v USB 2.0

Portal (Cherry)

→ $369
→ $279


Portal (Cherry)

→ $149
→ $269