1: Proof of concept (Complete)

First idea in 2019, when Aaron’s son Sequoia was in the womb. Design a light to fit in the corner above Sequoia’s bed.

2: Prototypes  (Complete)

It took most of a day to make one. Bet: We can make 5 in the same amount of time by doing every step 5 times... First prototypes in early 2020

3: Build Founding Team  (Complete)

We begin to see the opportunity: With better tools, custom jigs, a laser cutter, a cnc mill and a bunch of garage space one person could make 10-15 of these a day. How much would we have to sell these for to make a comfortable living? It just so happens we are three brothers with the exact skills, experience and patience to make this project a massive success.

2: Design Manufacturing Process (Complete)

Over the course of 6 months we built dozens of prototypes, designed a manufacturing process and developed a plan for how to spread light to the entire world.

5: Presale (In Progress)

Scale of 30-100 lights. Our two main goals are to test out our processes for manufacturing and shipping, and receive feedback from our community.

6: Kickstarter (April 2022)

Scale of 500-1000 lights. Unlocks custom packaging to make shipping more economical & responsible. Better tools & facilities. Better prices for materials & electronics. Cost improvements allow us to expand our team with confidence.